She packed my bags last night, pre-flight.

We leave this morning for three weeks of malaria pills, bumpy crowded bus rides, and raucous adventure. We are doing what is called in EWB jargon is called an “Assessment trip”, what this means is that we have a partner community chosen and a rough idea of how we think we can help, but we still need to do a comprehensive survey of things ranging from community dynamics to physical topography before we actually can begin working.

Our partner community, Dorma, is a small village just outside of the city of Koidutown in the eastern half of Sierra Leone. This village was identified as a good fit for us because for much of the year it lacks a substantive water supply and is forced to rely on unsanitary local swamp to fulfill its needs. Additionally, the transportation routes to and from the village are hazardous and keep the village isolated. Our goal is to work with the community, determine their most pressing needs, and plan how we can help in a culturally appropriate and environmentally conscious manner.

We are a team of four Princeton students of all ages and interests traveling with a Sierra Leonean professional engineer who is currently working in New Jersey. After we get through customs and recover from the jet lag we will all introduce ourselves personally on the blog and keep regular updates coming as we work on the project.

Stay tuned for updates.


(reposted a bit late, but hey)

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