Princeton Water Testing

With only two weeks until the trip left, Christine and I braved a thunderstorm to gather water samples from indoor and outdoor locations around campus.  The petrifilm test kits we received from 3M were put through the full set of methods we plan to use on the pre-assessment trip including 24 hour incubation next to the body (wrapping them in a bandana goes a long way for comfort).  We went to a variety of spots including the Woody Woo fountain, a toilet in the men’s room in the Lewis Library Lobby, and Lake Carnegie.  The good news for all of you who like to take a dip in the Woody Woo fountain is that we didn’t find any bacteria.  On the other hand, stay away from the lake water.  Coliform levels there exceeded US regulations for adequate drinking water.  The results appeared fairly precise based on multiple plates we made at each site.


We’re going to be putting more frequent updates on the blog in the days leading up to the trip, and hopefully more while we’re over in SL depending on our internet access.  Some may be more technical, and others will likely just capture our experiences while traveling and getting to understand the communities around Koidu.

– Mike

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