Peru Team

In 2015, after a five year partnership with La Pitajaya, the team has officially completed and closed out the program. The Peru Program completed phase one of the implementation of a potable water system in la Pitajaya Alta Summer 2013 and completed phase two of implementation of a water system in la Pitajaya Baja in Summer 2014. The two water pipelines are fully functioning and bringing water to all 21 houses in the community. We are confident that the community will continue to maintain this system in the future.

The team currently is partnering with the Pusunchás community in the Otuzco municipality to build a potable water system for 70 families. This summer, we will travel to Pusunchás in order to perform technical assessments and evaluate the community’s overall needs.

The overarching mission of the Peru project is to form a strong partnership with the people of Pusunchás and work together to accomplish their goals of community improvement. The underlying motivation for these projects is to address the areas of health, sanitation, and education by implementing engineering solutions in a sustainable, economical, and culturally sensitive manner. The Peru Team will continue this partnership with Pusunchás for at least 5 years while working to address these goals, while also providing its members with exciting, engaging engineering projects and experience in international development.