Past Trips

Summer 2016 | Assessment Trip

The team will travel to the community of Pusunchás in order to conduct an in-depth technical assessment of the community, in order to collect data that will be necessary when designing and implementing the system in the next academic year. The survey will include collecting elevation and GPS measurements of the proposed pipeline route, and flow rate measurements and water quality testing of the proposed source. Finally, the team will perform a qualitative survey in order to better understand the demographic and needs of the community.

Summer 2015 | Monitoring and Evaluation

The team returned to La Pitajaya in 2015 in order to close out the project in La Pitajaya. The team made repairs to the source capture of the Alta pipeline, and made improvements to the source capture in the Baja pipeline. This was done in order to increase the flow of water to both communities, and ensure that the project will continue to meet the community’s needs in the future. Finally, the team visited new communities in order to determine where our next program will be located.

Summer 2014 | Implementation Trip Phase 2

We began construction on the water system in la Pitajaya Baja and completed its construction! This included trenching the 3.5 kilometres long main pipeline and 800m long distribution line, construction a source capture at the groundwater source located in a cave, building a spring box, installing two reservoir tanks and constructing ten tapstands with their valve boxes. Additionally we connected two other families to the water system in Alta and conducted maintenance work on the Alta water system.

Summer 2013 | Implementation Trip Phase 1

We completed the construction of the potabl water system in la Pitajaya Alta. This included trenching approximately 3 kilometres of the main and distribution pipelines, installing the reservoir tank and constructing the pressure break tank and individual tapstands at each household.  There is now water flowing through tapstands at every house! We also collected additional elevation data and GPS coordinates in la Pitajaya Baja in preparation for the Summer 2014 Implementation Trip.

August 2012 | Implementation Trip Phase 1

The Peru Team begun construction of the water system in la Pitajaya Alta, including the spring box, base of the reservoir tank and laying 1 kilometre of the pipeline.

January 2012 | Assessment Trip

The Peru Team assessed the potential and feasibility of constructing a water system in la Pitajaya.

Summer 2011 | Pre-Assessment Trip

The Peru Team visited and assessed the town of Samne in Peru during which time the residents of la Pitajaya (a small village on the outskirts of Samne) approached the team and expressed the need for a potable water system. Upon evaluation the team decided that the focus of this project would be potable water for la Pitajaya.