Meet the Team

The Perú team has two co-project managers responsible for overseeing the entire project.

Within the team, there are four subteams, each with it’s own leader.

Sofia Bisogno ’19 | Co-Project Manager
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sofia Bisogno is a sophomore from Bethesda, MD in the Civil and Environmental Department pursuing certificates in Dance and Urban Studies. Sofia joined the Peru team in the fall of 2016 where she led the Community Team with managing relations between Princeton and the Pusunchas community. After travelling to Peru as the translator for the 2017 travel team, she became co-Project Manager, where she hopes to continue the collaborative effort between the students at Princeton and the community members to bring potable water to Pusunchas.
Sneha Iyer ’20 | Co-Project Manager
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Sneha Iyer is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. She has always been a hands-on person who loves to learn through experience and was drawn to Engineers without Borders because of the unique ability to use engineering problem-solving skills to contribute to a real application project that is improving lives. Last year, she was a member of the concrete design team and designed the pressure breaks used in the system. This year she started off as the Technical Lead and now has stepped up to co-Project Manager, leading all design and logistics efforts with Sofia. Her Spanish is a bit rusty but she enjoys working together with different groups of people on a service-based project and is even more excited to travel this summer and finally see beautiful Pusunchas. On campus, she is also a member of the women’s rugby team and a part of a project working to build a fully-functional sustainable bus.

Team Members:

Sydney Hsu ’21 
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering                                                                        Sydney is a freshman proud to be from outside Boston. A co-leader of the Community Team, she speaks proficient Spanish and is excited to build relationships with the Pusunchás community and work with them to improve the quality of life. Outside EWB, Sydney enjoys traveling, eating good food and playing all kinds of sports from rugby to skiing.
Scott Overbey ’21 
Major: Woodrow Wilson School
Scott is a freshman from Cincinnati, OH in the Woodrow Wilson School pursuing certificates in Urban Studies and the History and Practice of Diplomacy. Scott joined the Peru Team in the fall of 2017 where he is the Video Editing Chair and a member of Tech team. He joined EWB because he is interested in the intersection between poverty and lack of basic infrastructure as well as global development and human rights.
Camille Heubner ’19
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Camille is a sophomore from Alaska in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department and serves as the co-tech leader for the Peru trip.

Nicholas Kick ’20 
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nicholas is a sophomore from Pennslyvania in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department and serves as the co-tech leader for the Peru trip.

Michael Whitmore ’19
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
I joined the EWB Peru team my freshman year and spent time working with the technical and community subteams. I was fortunate enough to travel this past summer on our assessment trip to Pusunchás. Having visited the community and having experienced the life and culture of the people who this project is going to benefit, I am excited and eager to begin the design process this year so that we can have a successful implementation and bring clean, potable water to the community in the next few years!
Julia Herrle ’19
Major: Woodrow Wilson School
This is my first year with EWB, and I’m so excited to be a part of the team. I’m interested in global development, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the technical, community, and financial aspects of the project all interact to make an impact.
Vidisha Mehta ’19
Major: Woodrow Wilson School
I am a prospective woody woo major hailing from the vibrant land of India. I joined ewb because I think it provides an opportunity to engage with regions where communities have different needs and allows to to play a small role in their progress.
Joe Zhang ’20
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
EWB has been the most enriching experience of my time at Princeton so far. It is so much more than simply designing a water pipeline, or giving aid to a community in need, or traveling to an exotic country and exploring the local culture. EWB is like family, and one can always turn to family for help and support. With that being said, I cannot wait to get to know my fellow members better, and I cannot wait for all the project work that awaits us in the Spring.
Naomi Cohen-Shields ’20
Major: Environmental Engineering
I am really looking forward to becoming involved in EWB. I hope to learn as much as possible from this experience, from my teammates, from the Peruvian community we work with, and to hopefully make a difference in people’s lives!
Mashad Arora ’20
Major: Undeclared
I am really excited to be a part of the EWB-Perú team this year. I am looking forward to learning how to design a gravity-fed water system and (hopefully) make a positive difference for the community in Pusunchás!
Riley Stevens’20
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
As an engineering student with an interest in international development, EWB is the perfect way for me to peruse both my passions. It is really rewarding to work with the other members and be able to apply what we learn in the classroom in order to actually implement a sustainable solution to an issue present in another part of the world. Even though this is only my first year, it’s already been an incredible experience and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming years bring.
Alex Mayo ’20
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
I’m so excited to be a part of EWB and play a role in such an impactful project. I’ve already been amazed by how much students like me have achieved through this organization.
Jessi Dessau ’20
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
This is my first year with EWB, but I can already tell that it’s going to be a great experience. The Peru team is amazing, and I can’t wait to delve more deeply into learning about Peru and how to build water systems.
Bruno Fernandes ’20
Major: Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Bruno is a freshman ORFE major from Newark, NJ. During his first year on the EWB Peru team, Bruno hopes to play an active role in the hydraulics and community teams, and possibly join the travel team this summer. Outside of EWB, Bruno is active in the intramural leagues and plays soccer in his free time.
Olivia Long ’20
Major: Undeclared
I am interested in applying physics and scientific knowledge to solving real-world problems. Through EWB, I hope to learn more about engineering, while also making a difference in other people’s lives. I am also relatively fluent in Spanish, and hope to use it as part of the Peru team 🙂 I am so excited to be joining EWB this year!
Elizabeth Keim ’20
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
I’m very excited to be a member of the EWB Perú team! I can’t wait to apply what I learn in the classroom and to get to know the community we work with.
Ashley Willingham ’20
Major: Operations Research and Financial Engineering
I am excited to be a part of the EWB Peru team! I hope that as a team we are able to improve people’s way of life through our water system! I can’t wait to learn more about bringing all aspects of the project together and gain hands on experience in developing the water system.
Malika Oak ’20
Major: Computer Science
I can’t wait to work on this hands-on project with a great group of enthusiastic altruistic engineers!
Mark Anthony Martinez II ‘G1
Major: Computer Science
Mark is a computer science graduate student. Mark came back to school after realizing that being a student is awesome after having worked for two years as a data scientist. Mark is a military brat so grew up in places around the world including Las Vegas, England, and South Korea. As a hobby Mark likes to start random projects like opening an Etsy store that sells gift cards poking fun at celebrities and youtube channels that no one but his friends ever watch.