Meet the Team

The Kenya team has two Co-Project Managers responsible for managing the team and ensuring the project runs smoothly. They oversee the entire project in addition to creating a yearly budget, managing the website and Facebook page, applying for grants, fundraising, and planning all the logistics required to travel. This could not be achieved without the support of an incredibly dedicated team that helps with EWB-USA paperwork, grants, fundraising, and technical design among other projects.


Vivian Yu ’19 | Co-Project Manager
Major: Electrical Engineering
Vivian Yu is a junior from Longmeadow, Massachusetts studying Electrical Engineering. She joined EWB’s Kenya project as a freshman, went on to be the technical subteam leader, and is really excited to lead the team this year as one of the Project Managers. When she’s not working on EWB, you can normally find her working in the lab, reading, or singing. She’s very passionate about sustainable development, and is excited to bring that to her work at EWB.
Cameron McKenzie ’19 | Co-Project Manager
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
I’m a chemical and biological engineering major from the sunny shores of Tampa, Florida. I like oats more than the average person, and together with my two other siblings I am a triplet.

Team Members:

Grace Lynch ’18
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
I am a junior in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Atlanta. I was the Project Manager of the Kenya team for the 2015-2016 My time on the Kenya team of Engineers Without Borders has been a defining experience of my Princeton education. I joined the Kenya team my freshmen fall and have since served as the Project Manager for the 2015-2016 school year and traveled twice to Kenya, most recently in August 2016. This experience has strengthened my commitment to using my engineering education to make sustainable change!
Jordan Brown ’18
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jordan is an energetic individual, constantly jumping form one task to another. He is studying mechanical engineering and physics and Princeton, and loves anything remotely technical. He joined the Kenya team in order to help people while applying the engineering knowledge and skills he has acquired throughout his life.
Daniel Stanley ’18
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hello! I’m a junior who’s been on the Kenya team since spring 2015, originally doing tech (my major’s ELE) but now doing a little of everything. Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to Kenya, and I look forward to seeing this year’s project come together!
Lucy Lin ’18
Major: Computer Science
It’s my third year on Princeton EWB Kenya, and I’ve enjoyed every part of it so far. It’s great to work with my peers and mentors to help design a working system that will benefit the community. I hope to keep making an impact across the world alongside this awesome team.
Brandon Lanchang ’18
Major: Computer Science
Brandon is a junior who has been dedicated to the EWB Kenya team since his freshman year. He’s always been eager to provide his research skills to the team. Outside of the team, Brandon enjoys working as a research assistant for a neuroscience lab, creative writing, and tossing frisbees.
Angela Mao ’19
Major: Computer Science
Angela is a sophomore from New Jersey studying computer science. She’s excited about using technical skills to solve actual, real-world problems in other communities. Outside of EWB, she also enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Rae Perez ’19
Major: Architecture
I am in the class of 2019 pursuing UX design and have been involved in EWB since my freshman year. As an architecture major, I don’t know much about engineering, but I have learned a lot from contributing to community engagement efforts.
Leora Huebner ’19
Major: Computer Science
Leora is a sophomore in Rocky majoring in computer science who joined EWB to use technology and engineering to help improve the world. Outside of EWB, she can frequently be found singing or playing the CJL piano.
Aslesha Parchure ’20
Major: Undeclared
I’m a proud Forbesian and a member of the Class of 2020! I plan on majoring in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. I joined Engineers Without Borders because it’s a great way to use my engineering skills to make a global impact!
Ryan Gao ’20
Major: Undeclared
I am a freshman in the class of 2020 who is a prospective ORFE major. I think Engineers without Borders is a unique opportunity to take advantage of Princeton’s resources to make a real difference in the world. Outside of Engineers without Borders, I like to play tennis and clarinet.
Clare Cook ’20
Major: Undeclared
Clare is a member of the Princeton class of 2020, orignially from Eagle River, Alaska. She is hoping to major in Electrical Engineering with a possible certificate in Chinese. Outside of school, she enjoys running and spending time outdoors.
Melissa Yuan ’20
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Melissa is a freshman in Wilson College most likely majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering with a possible certificate in Engineering Biology. She joined EWB in hopes of making a positive impact and joining her peers in working towards a worthy cause. She is excited to be on the technical team this year!