Santo Domingo Adventures

Finally, the time has arrived and we are in the Dominican Republic! We are staying in Santo Domingo for a couple of days to acquire some specialized parts that we cannot acquire in Loma de Cabrera. One specific challenge that we are currently facing is finding an adequate chlorination system in the city for our uses. We wanted to implement a pellet based chlorination system in the community, but we have not had any luck finding a pellet based system here. Also, implementing such a system without there being a local supplier for chlorine pellets would not be sustainable for the community, as they would struggle to refill the system when the pellet supply runs low. We did end up finding a tablet based chlorination system, but locating a source for the tablets closer to the community has been a struggle thus far. We are hoping to find a source for the tablets by calling stores near Loma de Cabrera tomorrow – and if we are lucky enough – to locate a pellet based system or a better tablet-based chlorination system at Megagua, another water equipment supplier.

Other than our chlorination system struggles, we have been relatively successful in locating other needed items in Santo Domingo. The group has enjoyed searching for items like a treasure hunt through the bustling city of Santo Domingo. Soon we will be leaving Santo Domingo and heading to Loma de Cabrera, where we will stay for the duration of the implementation trip.

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