About Us

Engineers Without Borders – Princeton University (EWB-PU) is a dynamic group of students dedicated to creating a positive change in the world. With members majoring in everything from chemical and mechanical engineering, to economics and anthropology, EWB-PU represents of a diverse group of students who share the common goal of using their education to help developing communities around the globe. Founded in 2004, EWB-PU is one of the oldest and largest EWB chapters in the country. EWB-PU not only seeks to provide aid to developing communities, but also prioritizes shaping students into internationally aware humanitarians. Our chapter currently supports community building across the globe, with three active projects in Peru, Dominican Republic, and Kenya.

By drawing on the long legacy of “Princeton in the Nation’s Service and the service of humanity.” EWB-PU prioritizes improving the lives of those living in developing communities through the implementation of sustainable infrastructure projects. Our chapter emphasizes the importance of sustainability in designing solutions that bring water, energy, and sanitation to those in need. Once completed, our projects are run and maintained solely by the community, and receive no additional outside funding. In addition to implementing these projects, our chapter also seeks to educate community members in methods of sustainability through a series of mentoring programs and lesson plans. Ultimately, EWB-PU strives to create a world in which all communities have the capacity to meet their basic human needs.

EWB-PU is dedicated to engaging the Princeton University community in addressing international development challenges. In addition to a variety of speaker series, conferences, and alumni events, EWB-PU currently sponsors the Sustainble Engineering and Development Scholars (SEADS) program. This program hosts weekly dinner discussions and speakers for a select group of students. It is dedicated to prompting critical discussions that gives students a holistic and educated background in sustainable development.

If you have any questions regarding EWB-PU, or would like to know more about our chapter, please fee free to email us at ewb@princeton.edu.

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