2016 Executive Board

Co-President - Brendan Hung '17

Brendan Hung is a fourth year student from Happy Valley, Hong Kong studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering. He intends to pursue certificates in Finance, Statistics and Machine Learning and Applications of Computing. Brendan previously served as the Project Manager for the Kenya Team and has traveled to Kenya in August 2014, January 2015 and August 2015 to implement two rainwater catchment systems with the Muchebe community. Outside of Engineers Without Borders, Brendan enjoys traveling, playing racket sports and can often be found passionately glued to the TV watching Arsenal games..  

Co-President - Lucy Tang '17

Lucy Tang is a senior studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. She hails from Tunbridge Wells in the UK. Her involvement with EWB began when she joined SEADS and the Peru team, and was really inspired by the work that the groups do. Last year, she served as the Co-Director of Outreach on the EWB Board and her hobbies include reading, traveling, rock climbing and listening to music. On campus, she also leads the Global Development Network and does research for two professors.  

VP of Development - Rahi Patel '19

Rahi Patel is a sophomore from Chicago and a prospective Operations Research and Financial Engineering major. He is serving his first-time position on the EWB Board as VP of Development, as well as being a part of the Peru project technical team. Rahi is also involved in other activities outside of EWB - most notably an officer in the Entrepreneurship Club, an assistant vice president on the Corporate Finance Club Industry Insight Division and a bass clarinet player in the Wind Ensemble. In his free time, Rahi loves to play basketball, watch the NBA religiously as well as read books on finance and technology.  


Co-Director of Outreach - Natasha Turkmani '17

Natasha Turkmani is a senior from Washington, DC majoring in Civil & Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Sustainable Energy. She is in her second year as Co-Director of Outreach and an enthusiastic member of the Peru team. Besides her interest in environmental resources, she tutors as a volunteer in Trenton prisons with Petey Greene and expresses her passion for hip-hop as Vice-President of Black Arts Company: Dance.  

Co-Director of Outreach- Adelle Dimitui '19

Adelle Dimitui is a sophomore from the Philippines and a prospective Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major. Adelle currently serves as the Co-Director of Outreach on the EWB Board, as well as a Technical Team Member on the Peru Team. Other activities she is involved with on-campus include Business Today, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the Social Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government. Adelle’s biggest hobbies consist of creative writing, drawing, and graphic design.  

SEADS Co-Director - Amber Lin'19  

Amber Lin is a sophomore in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department on the Architecture Track. She plans to pursue a career in the sustainable design urban infrastructure but is also interested in the bigger picture of mitigating climate change — and how science, industry, and government will have to work together to achieve an environmentally sustainable society. On campus, she is involved with the Energy Association, Ecoreps, and various singing groups, and is currently researching rammed-earth construction at Princeton’s Form Finding Lab. 


SEADS Co-Director - Mehaa Gupta'19  



SEADS Co-Director (2015-16) - Catherina Pan  '18

Catherina Pan is a sophomore from the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada. She is currently planning to study Molecular Biology with a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. Outside of class and EWB, Catherina is a passionate ballroom dancer, an International Orientation Leader, and loves doing pilates in her spare time or baking goodies in the kitchen 

SEADS Co-Director (2015-16) - Joshua Burd '17  

Joshua Burd is a junior pursuing CBE. Josh really enjoys jazz, and plays the saxophone in the concert jazz ensemble. He also sings in Umqombothi, an African A cappella group and will be an ARCA in Forbes this fall. 


Information Technology Director - Kristy Yeung '18

Kristy Yeung is a junior studying Computer Science and pursuing a certificate in Finance. She joined the documentation sub team on the Dominican Republic team fall of 2015 and had the great opportunity to travel with the team this past summer for an assessment trip. She loves the projects and people of EWB and is incredibly excited to be a part of the EWB Board. Outside of EWB, Kristy co-leads her volunteer group, LEAP, to hold weekly art workshops for children at an after school program in Trenton and is also part of the Princeton's Women’s Mentorship Program.  


Secretary - Elizabeth Haile '19

Elizabeth Haile is a sophomore ORFE major. She has really enjoyed being a part of EWB-Princeton as it is a great opportunity to focus my time and energy into working on really meaningful and impactful projects outside the Princeton community. I have learned an incredible amount already on the Peru team and am incredibly excited for our upcoming project in Pusunchas. I'm also looking forward to the opportunity to support and learn more about the EWB Princeton Board as Secretary this year.  

Kenya Project Co-Manager - Julia Ni '18

Julia Ni is a junior from the great city of San Francisco, California studying Operations Research and FInancial Engineering. She has also lived in China and Southern California. Julia joined the Kenya team as a freshman and had an amazing experience traveling on the 2015 implementation/assessment trip. Since then, she has taken over Brendan’s previous role as Project Manager for the Kenya project and is very excited to work with Grace, the Komosoko community and the rest of the team! Julia enjoys good food and adventures.  

Kenya Project Co-Manager - Nora Bradley '18

Nora is a junior at Princeton University studying Mechanical and Aerospace engineering with a certificate in robotics. When she is not working on the Kenya project she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee with the Princeton Women's Club Ultimate team. She is also a licensed Private Pilot! 


Kenya Project Co-Manager (2015-16) - Grace Lynch '18

Grace Lynch is a sophomore in the mechanical and aerospace engineering department. Along with Julia, she is co-Project Manager of the Kenya team. She hails from the amazing city of Atlanta, Georgia and is super excited to start a new year with Engineers Without Borders. Outside of EWB and class, Grace is an OA leader and works in the Writing Center. She also loves to run and read!


Peru Project Co-Manager  - Susannah Crowell '18

Susannah is a junior MAE from West Orange, NJ. After working on the EWB Peru Team for two years, she had the wonderful chance to travel to Peru this past summer. The trip encouraged her to embrace the exciting role of co-Project Manager of the Peru Team this year. Besides EWB, she plays on the club Ultimate Frisbee Team and is a part of another development-focused group, the Global Development Network.

Peru Project Co-Manager  - Jiayang Li '19

This is my second year with EWB, and I'm honored to have traveled to Perú with the team this summer. Living in country has especially broadened my view as to the importance of our roles in improving the lives of Pusunchás’ families. Working on such a meaningful project - especially with our knowledge in engineering and other skills - is an experience that I will always hold close to my heart. This year as Co-Project Manager, I'm excited to oversee all aspects of this project - which includes the technical design, community outreach, grant funding, and team publicity. I look forward another awesome year on EWB-Perú and cannot wait to start the physical implementation of the water pipeline next summer! 

Peru Project Co-Manager (2015-16) - Josh Umansky '17

Hi! I'm Josh and I'm a junior from Parsippany, NJ majoring in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering with a certificate in Robotics. My third year with EWB, I have been fortunate enough to travel with the team to Perú for the past two summers and am so excited to help shape the future of the program as we partner with a new community! Working to bring potable water to the families of La Pitajaya has been by far the most meaningful thing I've ever done and I can't wait to engage all of our new members as we continue to make such an amazing impact!.

Peru Project Co-Manager (2015-16) - Corrie Kavanaugh '17

Hey guys! I am currently a Junior in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and I have been a part of the Peru team since first semester of my freshman year, when I served on the technical, community, and financial subteams, as well as being the Secretary on the Executive Board. I was fortunate enough to travel with the team these past two summers to finish out our project, and am super pumped to be leading this team this year! Working with Engineers Without Borders has been one of the highlights of my time here at Princeton, and I can’t wait to begin working on our new project! Some of my other involvements on campus include Princeton University Wind Ensemble, Princeton Running Club, Princeton Faith in Action, and Princeton Hindu Satsangam.

Dominican Republic Project Co-Manager - Alexander Byrnes '18

I am a junior from Allentown, NJ and am pursuing a degree in chemical and biological engineering. I joined in the very early stages of the Dominican Republic project during the spring of 2015 and currently focus on the technical parts of the project. When not working on EWB, I am a member of varsity sprint football, and also enjoy running!

Dominican Republic Project Co-Manager - Eric Qiu '18

Hailing from Columbus, OH, Eric Qiu is a junior majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Sustainable Energy. He joined EWB as a freshman and became the Documentation subteam leader of the Dominican Republic Team during his sophomore year. Now, he is excited to lead the team as Project Manager. Outside of EWB, Eric is on E-Council, serves as an Engineering Interactor, and enjoys watching college football and cop dramas.

Dominican Republic Project Co-Manager (2015-16) - Corinne M. Lowe '17

Corinne, originally from Incline Village, Nevada, is a junior in the CBE Department concentrating in energy and the environment. She is also pursuing a certificate in Sustainable Energy. Since the start of freshman year she has been an active member of the EWB-Sierra Leone team, specifically the technical sub team. Other than EWB, she writes or has written for several publications, including The Prince and Innovation Magazine.