2016-2017 SEAD Scholars


Amber Lin ‘19 [SEADS Co-Director] ~ Amber Lin is a sophomore in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department on the Architecture Track. She plans to pursue a career in the sustainable design urban infrastructure but is also interested in the bigger picture of mitigating climate change — and how science, industry, and government will have to work together to achieve an environmentally sustainable society. On campus, she is involved with the Energy Association, Ecoreps, and various singing groups, and is currently researching rammed-earth construction at Princeton’s Form Finding Lab.  


Mehaa Gupta ‘19 [SEADS Co-Director] ~  


Grace Kresge ‘19 ~ I am originally from West Deptford, NJ, right across the river from Philadelphia. This past summer I lived in Glasgow, United Kingdom and conducted research on point of care medical devices intended for use in developing countries. My main academic interests are in Materials Science and energy. In the future I'd like to pursue work in lightweight batteries or high efficiency solar cells. In my free time, I enjoy painting, going to orchestra concerts, traveling, and volunteering with the Food Bank of South Jersey. 


Myrial Holbrook ‘19 ~ Myrial is a sophomore from Columbus, Ohio. She plans to major in Comparative Literature, with focuses in Spanish and Chinese, and is considering pursuing certificates in Environmental Studies, Cognitive Science and/or Entrepreneurship. She has been a vegetarian for 14 years and is interested in sustainable farming and sourcing practices. She's also interested in alternative energy and infrastructure and in the nexus between sustainability and micro-finance mechanisms. Besides SEADS, she is an editor for Innovation, a Writing Center fellow, a NassLit writer, and a Princeton Business Volunteer.  


Natalya Rahman ‘19 ~ Natalya is a sophomore likely concentrating in Politics with certificates in Political Economy and Statistics and Machine Learning. She is from Karachi, Pakistan and went to high school in Dubai, UAE. Her background has cultivated her interest in sustainable development, particularly in developing countries and emerging markets. Apart from SEADS, Natalya is involved in TEDxPrincetonU, the Princeton Perspective Project and is a Peer Career Adviser.  


Robert Cohen ‘19 ~ Robert is a New Jersey local with interests in renewable energy technologies, particularly nuclear fusion. He is extremely passionate about engineering as he recognizes the importance of bridging academics with real-world application. Over the years to come and upon graduation, Robert aspires to continue making an impression on the world around him by prioritizing philanthropy and pursuing a career in research and education. 


Parker Wild ‘19 ~ I'm a sophomore from Brunswick, Maine who is interested in sustainable energy and development as it relates to reforming the transportation sector, remodeling inefficient homes, and increasing the economic feasibility of renewable energy sources. I've recently gained interest in the policy making that shapes the market for sustainable energy startups in the United States and hope to gain more experience in that field. I'm on the cycling and climbing teams at Princeton, and I spent six weeks this past summer hiking and camping in national parks around the country, which really fueled my interest in sustainability. 


Nicholas Ritter ‘20 ~ Nick is a first-year student from New Jersey interested in environmental science, science policy, and environmental economics. 


Neil Slighton ‘20 ~ Neil is an potential Operation Research and Financial Engineering or Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major from Hong Kong, China. He is interested in energy technologies and is currently doing fusion reactor research under Professor Egemen Kolemen. 


Leora Eisenberg ‘20 ~ Leora Eisenberg is a current freshman whose academic interests include Jewish demography, Soviet Jewry, and modern Iranian history. She is a frequent contributor to publications such as the Jerusalem Post, Minnesota Public Radio, and Kveller Magazine, and enjoys combining her interest in development with her interest in the Middle East and world Jewry.  


Lillian Chen ‘20 ~ When not binge-watching TedTalks on clean tech or climate change or running countless of miles on the Towpath, I am eating lots of produce (vegan life) and working on my startup Teo Foods, a venture that decreases food waste through repurposed snacks. While my interests span many areas, I am most passionate about the intersection between sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology. Other interests of mine include marketing, design, and animation. My interest in the environment stems from my appreciation for the outdoors and love of all things local/natural. I hope to use my economics major and neuroscience/cognitive science certificate background to understand how people's environmental decisions impact economies and societies on a global scale and to design future innovations that make communities more efficient and waste-free. Besides SEADS, I am involved in TigerLaunch and StartupClasses through Princeton's Entrepreneurship Club, MANNA Fellowship and Worship Team, Trego Singers, Princeton Social Innovation, Princeton Running Club, MoneyThink, and Princeton's Conservation Society. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos, pitching and public speaking, reading, attending local farmers markets, and going on long walks with friends and family. 


Nicholas André G. Johnson ‘20 ~ The SEADS program attracted me because it encourages dialogue between students and experts in diverse fields with the goal of addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. I am particularly interested in Health as it relates to sustainable development. We currently face several health hazards at the global scale which have previously been limited to a handful of cases per year. In order for our species to develop in a continual, viable manner, I believe that we must necessarily have a large pool of healthy individuals to execute the steps needed for progress. Additionally, we must develop a healthcare system that can effectively address the needs of a growing population.  


Jeung Park ‘20 ~ I am a freshman from Vail, Arizona. In regards to sustainability, I am interested in off-grid solar systems and building renovations that may minimize energy waste. In addition to SEADS, I am a member of SSI's (Sustainable Software Initiative) Tiger Challenge program where I am working to develop a product that will improve sustainability on campus. In my free time, I enjoy hiking up mountains, playing cards, and playing ping pong.  


Yang Shao ‘20 ~ Yang is a freshman at Rocky college hailing from Beijing, China. She is interested in climate change policies and ways we can make daily life more environmentally sustainable. She is especially excited to learn about how sustainable development can be connected with other disciplines like economics, ethics and even creative writing. Outside of SEADS, she is an active member of the Princeton University Glee Club and staff writer for The Daily Princetonian.