2015-2016 SEAD Scholars


Stephanie Cook ‘18 ~ Stephanie is a sophomore in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department and earning certificates in Sustainable Energy as well as Applied Math. She is interested in getting into the renewable energy sector, so she participates in SEADS and organize events for Princeton University Energy Association. 


Marina Finley ‘19 ~ Marina is a native of Houston, Texas and, growing up in the heart 'oil and gas' country, quickly learned the important role that energy and infrastructure play in sustainable development. She plans to major in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs with a focus on development economics, and minor in East Asian Studies. She has spearheaded campaigns raising over $20,000 for and has written a fundraising guide for UNICEF. She is part of Princeton University's Sustainable Engineering and Development Scholars and Global Development Network. 


Teresa Irigoyen-Lopez ‘19 ~ Teresa is a freshman from Spain planning on majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with certificates in Sustainable Energy and East Asian Studies. She has been obsessed with renewable energies since she can remember. Other passions she has includes traveling and living abroad which have further developed her interest in sustainable development and global issues. Teresa is over-optimistic so, like everyone, she joined SEADS to learn how to change the world! 


Amber Lin ‘19 ~ Amber is a Civil and Environmental Engineering major, Architecture and Engineering track from Edison, NJ. She is most interested in sustainable design and is currently doing research in rammed earth construction under Professor Sigrid Adriaenssens. 


Kathleen Ma ‘18 ~ Kathleen is an always-undecided sophomore from Beijing, China. She's particularly interested in the role of sustainability in urban issues and international development. 


Ashwin Manoj ‘18 ~ Ashwin is a sophomore in the economics department with potential concentrations in both sustainable energy and finance. He have been involved with SEADS since the start of this year. Ashwin is now currently involved with Princeton's Power-in-a-Box Initiative through SEADS, a project oriented towards developing a portable and hybridized energy system for off-the-grid communities. 


Simran Matthews ‘18 ~ Simran is a sophomore studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering. She's worked for the Princeton Office of Sustainability and researched in the hydrology department, and hopes to one day work with sustainable energy. 


Luca Rade ‘19 ~ Luca is a freshman, undecided on major. He has long been interested in sustainable development and attended a summer program in 2015 seeking to define policy interventions for the EU regarding environmental sustainability. He hopes to integrate sustainability into the systems that govern our world by enacting change from the inside. 


Joana Zhang ‘19 ~ Joana is a prospective EEB major. She was a volunteer at NGO ProPeru 2014-2015