Bienvenidos a Perú!

After a long night of traveling, and a few delays and frisbee games, we finally made it to LIMA! After we smoothly went through customs and got our luggage, we were greeted by las marianistas from Colegio Santa María’s Working with a Smile group. From that moment, we got down to earth and were hard at work (or we just counted the number of Chifa restaurants while driving across the city.)

With las marianistas, we discussed our plans for the upcoming weeks in Pusunchás at their campus (which was absolutely beautiful.) And after our productive meeting, we spent the rest of the day exploring Lima and Peruvian culture.

We saw some pretty cool attractions, like walking along the touristy coastline - or ending the night at a park full of fountains and a light show!

However, I think we all can agree that the best moment of our day was when we headed off for Trujillo in an overnight bus that night. Although 9 hours on a bus might sound horrid, but it’s so true when Corrie said that “it’s the best bus ride of your life!” Although we didn't have pictures, but our seats turned into beds and we had even better entertainment than on a cross continental plane.

That said, after a very comfy bus ride, we finally arrived in Trujillo (in the north of Perú and the second largest city in the country,) and picked up some supplies in a market - during which we saw some interesting...objects...such as a pig head (which the locals say is verryyyyy delicious.)

Later, we drove to Otuzco, where we will be staying for the rest of the trip, and turned in for the night. It's been so exciting so far and we can't wait to start our work with Pusunchás!


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