"Let's do this!" from the Project Managers

Our names are Corrie and Josh. One of us is a hardworking civil engineer while the other is an enthusiastic mechanical and aerospace engineer. Josh will never comprehend why Corrie would voluntarily dedicate a 3 years to researching deflection in beams, and Corrie would never agree with Josh's love for sleeping in on a Saturday. Despite our differences, we share a love for international development, and firmly believe that the Peru team is the best team!!! This is our third summer with EWB, and first time leading the trip! It has been a challenging and tremendously rewarding experience taking the team into our next community partnership, and we are so excited to be beginning our chapter's largest project yet! We look forward to passing on the knowledge from our success in La Pitajaya, and can't wait to spend the next month in Peru with an incredible team as we see all of our old friends one last time.

Your let-the-adventure-begin! PM's,
Josh & Corrie


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