"Vamos a... Peru!" by Yudith Pereira-Lopez

Hola Mundo! I'm Yudith, the newest (I think?) EWB Peru recruit, and I'm lucky enough to make my first trip down to the southern hemisphere with the 2016 EWB Peru Travel Team for my first ever EWB assessment trip! I joined EWB Peru in late winter and have been helping with translations, documentation for the Pusunchás project and assisting the Tech Team as best I can (with my for now limited CAD abilities). I would describe myself as the unofficial translator/native speaker of the team, even though I swear the rest of the team speaks Spanish better than I do (grammar/vocab problems anyone?), and I'm also taking the lead in teaching students in Pusunchás about the project - which I'm really excited (and nervous!) about, because I hope to get them as excited for this project as the whole Travel Team is! I'm looking forward to a totally new experience with an awesome team of Princeton students and a community that I believe will teach us much more than just new Spanish words! Hasta pronto gente, and wish us luck as we embark on this adventure!


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