Goin' Back...

Hola, mi gente! I'm Lydia, the 2016 travel team's financial spreadsheet keeper and certified theater nut! I'm an Environmental Engineering major in the class of 2018, and am super psyched to end my second year with EWB by heading off on my first assessment trip! Since joining the team my freshman year, I have helped with documentation to close out the La Pitajaya project, researched potential projects such as stoves and latrines, worked on materials cost assessments in selecting our new community, applied for grants, and helped virtually map a potential pipeline route through Pusunchás. Although this is my first time traveling with EWB, I spent nine months in Peru before my freshman year with Princeton's Bridge year Program, and I am incredibly excited to return! It's hard to believe that I will soon be back to using Spanish, hiking, and eating potatoes everyday, but I can't wait!


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