Library Update!

Adam from the Ghana team here! After 12 days at the Achieving Greater Heights Community Library at the EP Basic School in Ashaiman, our project is wrapping up. Over the course of the last week, we have conducted structural evaluations of the library, met with our electricians, roofers, and carpenters from last summer, implemented a book catalog system, and spoke with the patrons of the library. Though some minor roofs repairs were necessary, after one year, the library still is in great shape. Students at EP Basic School as well as members of the surrounding community use the library frequently. From the estimations given by the librarian as well as the log book, we estimate about 20 patrons from the community come to the library daily. The 37 OLPCs (One Laptop Per Child) the team brought last year too seem to be used multiple times per week based off computer history statistics. These laptops seem to be a valuable resource at the library and members of Ashaiman community seemed excited by our contribution of an additional 24 OLPCs on this trip. We all were very pleased to see that the Ashaiman community has embraced the new library and have made great use of its resources.

At this point in our trip, we feel that our work on the library is complete. Yesterday, we met with the leaders of the EP Basic School and signed the transfer of ownership agreement. With the signing of this document, we have ended our Joint Venture with the EP Basic School and they are the sole owners of the library. It has been a rewarding experience to work on the library and we are excited for the Ashaiman community to take over. Stay tuned for Alex's cultural updates and for pictures from the entire team once we arrive back in the USA!



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