Back in Ashaiman!

The Ghana team has arrived safe and sound to Ashaiman, and we are already hard at work assessing the current state of the project in preparation for final ownership transfer. The library is in very good shape, with steady patronage from both the school children and surrounding community. We will be meeting with our engineering contact in Ghana, Ing. Kofi, in order to get his feedback on a number of small maintenance issues, and will meeting with our roofing contractor to have a evaluation done on the roof by the people who installed it. Today, we are collecting data on the usage and state of the OLPC netbook computer system and adding an additional 24 computers for a grand total of 61 netbooks, plus two more traditional models to house the libray catalog. Most OLPCs have at least been used in the last two weeks, which is impressive considering that summer vacation started a week or so ago and given the relatively large number of netbooks available.

Keep checking in for more updates!



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