2012-2013 SEAD Scholars



Vu Chau ‘15


Jaime Flores Benabib ‘16 ~ I am a freshman from Mexico City majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering and thinking about certificates in Engineering Biology and possibly French. Unlike other scholars in the SEADS program, I am not currently involved with any particular team from Engineers Without Borders but might join the Kenya project next semester. Other than SEADS I fence and love playing soccer and hanging out!


Margaret (Maggie) Cutlip ‘16 ~ Maggie is a freshman from Hong Kong. She plans to major in chemical engineering with certificates in environmental studies and/or sustainable energy. Maggie joined SEADS due to her interest in sustainable development with respect to the environment. Through her participation in the program, she hopes to broaden her knowledge of this topic, as well as to learn about many of the other facets of sustainable development.


Salena Hess ‘16 ~ Salena is from Arlington, Virginia. She plans to pursue a degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Salena joined SEADS to gain exposure to different perspectives on sustainable development and to explore the philosophical and moral implications of development. Hoping to pursue work on the economic side of sustainable development, Salena is also trying to clarify her own motives for international development work and see how her interests in ORFE and development can intersect. She is also part of the EWB Kenya Team and is interested in seeing how the perspectives she gains from SEADS will influence her contributions to the Kenya Team. Outside of EWB and SEADS, Salena enjoys skiing, playing Women’s Club Lacrosse, and anything related to coffee.


Brittany Illardi ‘16 ~ I am a freshman at Princeton living in Wilson College. I am from Mahopac, New York, which is a little over 2 hours from campus. I am greatly interested in space exploration and so I plan on majoring in aerospace engineering. I decided to join SEADS to gain a broader insight on the world of sustainability. Following an educational implementation trip to Mali, Africa, I realized just how important sustainable development is to the global community. Through SEADS, I hope to gain information that I can apply to my own career to create more efficient and economical engineering solutions.


Brent Read ‘16


Maegan Richards ‘16 ~ Maegan is a freshman from Thousand Oaks, CA. She is currently undecided about which science-y major she wants to pursue, but geosciences and environmental engineering are in the lead. She joined SEADS because of her interest in the environment and sustainability and hopes to gain a more well-rounded approach to understanding global issues. Outside of these interests, Maegan enjoys spending time outdoors, playing the bassoon, and lying face down on the floor.


Emma Snyder ‘15


Benjamin Tien ‘15


Daniel Toro ‘16 ~ Daniel is a freshman from Bogota, Colombia. He is majoring in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. From day one, he knew he wanted to join the SEADS team, and has had the most fantastic experience thus far. Outside EWB, Daniel is a member of the Business Today Investment Team and is an officer of Princeton’s Entrepreneurship Club. He also enjoys spending the afternoons practicing yoga, when all the mundane troubles of Princeton students haunt him not.


Akshaya Uttamadoss ‘15


Jiemin (Tina) Wei ‘16 ~ Tina is a prospective Woodrow Wilson School major from Overland Park, KS. Having explored the theoretical, historical, and technological aspects of sustainable development through independent research, she joined SEADS to further cultivate her interest in these areas. From SEADS, she hopes to gain a solid foundation of knowledge about sustainable development so that she may go on to contribute meaningfully to EWB projects. Eventually, she hopes to realize her goal of affecting tangible change in the world. She believes SEADS will be an invaluable step in this process.


Jennifer (Jenny) Zhou ‘16 ~ Jenny is a freshman, currently hoping to pursue a major in the Woodrow Wilson School. In the midst of her global travels to various parts of Asia, South and Central America, and Europe, the issue of sustainable development has remained a conundrum of sorts, but also a shining beacon of hope for the future. Her hope is that through SEADS, she can engage in discussions regarding what it means to be sustainable and plausible solutions to various other global issues as well as learn more about the engineering aspect of sustainability. She believes that convening at the crossroads between global policy and sustainable engineering is key to the success in development in the 21st century and is confident that SEADS, with its innovative discussions and valuable talks from influential professors, will give her the knowledge necessary to move forward with her passion to create positive change in the world. She is beyond excited to share her interest in sustainable development with the rest of SEADS! Outside of EWB, she is also a member of two dance companies, eXpressions and Triple 8, and a member of Princeton’s Model UN team.